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IAOM MEA Region has over 4,000 active contacts consisting of flour & feed millers, commodity traders and suppliers, agricultural investment companies, food processing companies, bakery owners, bakery pre-mix plants, and multinational grain trading companies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.

The  annual IAOM MEA conference and expo happens alternately between Middle East and Africa, and gathers more than 600 delegates from 50 countries yearly and up to 100 exhibiting companies.

The 3-day conference program consists of Management, Technical/ What's New, Feed Milling Technology & Trends, and Trading sessions presented by international and national topnotch speakers.


PREVIOUS IAOM MEA (2007 - 2017)


Muscat, Oman                   Arusha, Tanzania                Antalya,Turkey                 Cape Town, South Africa   Dead Sea, Jordan


Abu Dhabi, UAE                  Sousse, Tunisia                   Cape Town,South Africa    Dubai, UAE                         Addis Ababa Ethiopia        Dubai, UAE