How do I register for the Conference & Expo? How do I make the payment?
You can register to the IAOM MEA Conference & Expo by:

Online Registration:
Registration invitation will be sent by e-mail to all delegates and by accepting the invitation, you will be automatically led to the online registration (will provide LIVE LINK later) portal. Once you have completed the online registration, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

Confirmation will be sent via e-mail.

How do I make the payment?
You can select one of the following payment methods depending on registration way you choose either by online/manual way.

Local delegates (Tunisians) can see payment instructions in the Tunisian Delegates page.

Online Payment:
If you register to the conference through the online registration portal, you can either pay by credit card (Visa and Master card) or by a Bank Transfer (TT). The option is available in the form.
For Credit Card payment, currently it is possible only for Visa and MasterCard. Once the payment is successful, an automatic generated Invoice will be sent to you by e-mail along with your registration confirmation.

Offline Payment:

The offline payment can be opted for Bank Transfer payment or credit card. For credit card offline payment, you should fill up the PAYMENT FORM that you can download from our website and it should be sent to info@iaom-mea.com or fax to +968 2471 1340 upon signature.

How do I book an expo stand and make the payment?
Registration can be made by filling out the Expo Registration Form which is available on the IAOM MEA download forms page (LIVE LINK to Download Forms page). The Forms should be emailed to expo@iaom-mea.com or faxed to +968 2471 1340.

The payment for the Expo Registration can be done via bank transfer or by Credit card. Please note that credit card payment is only possible with Visa or Master card. Payments should reach IAOM MEA within 7 days after receiving the invoice as otherwise the registration will be considered as cancelled.

Can I distribute promotional items without having a stand?
Kindly note that promotional items cannot be distributed by any participants or exhibitors if you do not have an exhibition stand.

Any violations to this policy will be taken in to action by the authorities.

How do I participate as a Speaker?
All participants can apply as Speakers at IAOM MEA Conference by submitting the presentation registration form which can be obtained from the download forms page (LIVE LINK to Download Forms page) along with an abstract of the presentation. The same will be reviewed by the IAOM MEA Education Committee and the chosen presentations will be notified by e-mail as per the schedule mentioned on the form.

How do I book the accommodation for the Conference?

Online Reservation:
The online registration will take you automatically to the hotel option page. IAOM MEA’s official hotel partner this year is the Movenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse. All information on this page is required to be completed in order to get your room reserved.

Confirmation of the hotel booking will be sent by the organizer separately upon finalization with the Movenpick.

How do I pay my Accommodation at the Conference?


All hotel room requests must be submitted with payment guarantee either by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Without a payment guarantee, hotel booking request cannot be processed.

Credit Card guarantee can be submitted through the online registration portal when you register to the conference online.

A Bank Transfer payment can also be done by sending the fund directly to the Movenpick’s Bank Account. Please DO NOT transfer any payments for accommodation to IAOM MEA’s Bank Account as the same will be returned back or re-transferred to the Movenpick’s bank account with applicable bank charges from all sides. Pre-payment by Bank Transfer usually should be in full for the whole duration of your stay. Once the Movenpick receives your bank transfer payment, the same will be credited to your room account and any less payment must be settled upon check-out.


Settlement of Hotel Bills upon check-out can be done either by Cash OR Credit Card only. This is also applicable for any less payment by Bank Transfer.

Please note that payment of hotel room and all other incidentals that occur during your stay will have to be settled directly by you and the Movenpick.

Can I book hotel room before/after the conference?

Yes, You can.

Once the request is submitted to the organizer, the same will be confirmed back to you subject to availability and confirmation by the Movenpick. The same special delegate rates might be extended, depending on the period of stay.

Will Airport Transfers / Shuttle Service be provided?

Airport Transfers:

Airport Transfers from Tunis Carthage International Airport (TUN) to the official conference venue (Movenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse) will be available on 4 & 5 November 2013 and departure on 9 November 2013.

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